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Blessed  and holy is the one who has a part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no power, but they will be priests of G-D. According to the Book of Revelation, those who had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received the mark…they came  to life and reigned with (as Christ') Christ for a thousand years . I submit to you that they reigned as Christ's.

In order for there to be a resurrection there must be a death.  This death is a dying to ones ego, self-will, mind and emotions, i.e. the flesh.  It is through 'crucified flesh' that we enter into the Kingdom and relationship with the Most High as a Christ.

There is a Resurrection of Life and there is a Resurrection of Death.  Most often when we think of the Resurrection, we think about when Christ rose from the grave.  Indeed that was a Resurrection of Life.  During His ministry, Christ spoke of the Mysteries of the Resurrection of Life ‘covered’ or shrouded in sacred and prophetic euphemisms and allegories. Now, the 'cover has been removed' and  the Mysteries are being revealed to  the  Prophets and Enlightened One's for the people today  

The definition of ‘resurrection’ from the Greek word ‘anastasis’  is to stand up again both literally and figuratively. To be resurrected is for one's faculties to be awakened from obscurity and inactivity.  In harmony with Romans, resurrection is the raising of man’s mind from the physical senses to a spiritual consciousness or awareness.

Restoration and Resurrection into Life is not a future event. We have adopted the mindset that the Resurrection is a physical resurrection of the Spirit man at the Day of Judgment.  However there is another aspect of the resurrection for us NOW, today!  In our quest to live a life conducive to a life of righteousness in order to go to heaven (Paradise), we have missed the most important principles of living a resurrected life now. Resurrection of Life not only comprise the raising of souls at the last trump but entail the 'realization' of the Power of the Resurrection manifested in us, that we may be raised in Christ Consciousness or put on the Mind of a Christ.  Do not get hung up on my usage of the word Christ or Christ Consciousness.  Christ is an epithet often used in correlation with the Name Jesus (Yahshua). Christ is not his name. The definition of Christ, however, is merely an ‘anointed one’.  Behind that definition of Christ are the Christ Principles!

If one is not In-Christ, or have been renewed in mind they are dead spiritually. They are still residing in the 'Old Man" principles.  Therefore, it is to those who ‘hear’  that receive ability and capacity to be brought into a conscious  awareness that we can live life as a Christ or an anointed one and that this is our inheritance.  

One who is not dead to a self-life, can not be raised or resurrected to life as a Christ for G-D is LIFE! In order to be resurrected, one must be dead to the Flesh (self-will, mind and emotions) to be made alive as a Christ. Thus, the Resurrection of Life--Raise from obscurity to security; from darkness to light; from ignorance to knowledge; from inactivity to activity; from a beastly mind to a Christ mind; from mortality to immortality.

Those who have been resurrected and restored to life and have come into a realized life of a Christ will never die spiritually.  Where the Spirit of G-D is there is Life. Spirit will never die.  We must of necessity shed this body of clay—this prison to return from whence we came.  No flesh will enter into Heaven; no flesh can stand in the presence of the Living Divine Creator!  Just as the Christ was transfigured, so shall those we humans while in bodily form, can  be resurrected into Life. It is your choice.  These would have gained the Knowledge of the Mysteries of the Kingdom as a Christ; they have awakened! For we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is!  We shall become I AM!

The power of the Resurrection is NOW! Christ Consciousness is Restoration and Resurrection into Life! The Christ was the "First among many" Having been revealed and manifested, who had power over abolishing death  in order to become lifted up or resurrected into Christ Consciousness is where the reality of the resurrection is experienced. “Not according to our works but according to his own purpose  (intentions beforehand of a Divine Creator) which was granted to us as a Christ through our birth of Divine DNA from all eternity…now has been (was) revealed by the appearing and the abolishment of death and brought life and immortality to light through the 'crucified flesh'. 

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
Apostle Rubie James

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